Pumping Insulin Book 6th Edition By J Walsh & R Roberts.

Diabetes Care

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Pumping Insulin Book 6th Edition By J Walsh & R Roberts.


Everything For Success on A Pump and CGM They’ve done it again! The 6th edition of Pumping Insulin: Everything For Success on a Pump and CGM is updated with 60 fewer pages, new material in a more concise format, and a spiral binding for easy use. Special features: How to use real-time CGM to check and change basal rates, carb factors and correction factors Downloading data for improving glucose patterns Five important ways to improve glucose readings How to bolus for carbs, fats and proteins How to set up and successfully use the Bolus Calculator How to choose and manage the best infusion set for you Plus the current status of Artificial Pancreas projects around the world Cover Price: $27.95, 356 pages, 7 x 9, 2016

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