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For Pharmacies

Sell your retail products online, seamlessly

Support Local

MedaKi focuses on connecting customers to independent pharmacies that are close by.

Pickup & Delivery

Give users the option to choose between delivery or curb side pickup when ordering from your pharmacy

Mobile Friendly

Access MedaKi from all your online devices, including iOS and Android phones, tablets, and desktop computers

Privacy First

MedaKi uses an industry-leading privacy compliance platform to ensure HIPAA/PHIPA compliance

We integrate to create a seamless workflow

With point-of-sale integrations, MedaKi gets realtime data on your inventory, giving customers the most accurate information when placing orders. Receive notifications to manage orders through multiple interfaces, including fax and email to help reduce the number of screens your team has to manage.

Keep track of how you're doing

Gain insights on users visiting your pharmacy.

Products optimized for the web

Our team has worked on creating an optimized product list that you or your team can simply add with a click of a button. Alternatively, add your own products, and feel free to contact our team for assistance.

We partner with delivery services!

MedaKi partners with delivery services to provide pharmacies with a complete end-to-end solution. We have initially partnered with MyLocalRx, a company that focuses on providing environmentally friendly delivery services using Tesla vehicles.

Ready to start selling online?

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